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2 Mukhi Java Rudraksha Silver Bracelet (11 Beads)

In stock
  • Natural seed bead
  • Color: Shades of brown
  • 2 Mukhi Java Beads

2 Mukhi Silver Bracelet (11 beads) Type of Beads: 2 mukhi Rudraksha from Indonesia Configuration: 2 mukhi (10-12mm) x 11 beads Origin of bead: Indonesian Design: Made of 92% pure silver caps and wire Purpose: This bracelet is used for wearing around the wrist. Description:c A Two-faced (2 mukhi) Rudraksha has two natural lines on the same Rudraksha; it jointly represents Lord Shiva (Rudra) & Goddess Parvati which together are known as Ardhanareshwar; this in turn represents unity. It is said that Two-faced (2 mukhi) Rudraksha has the ability to maintain Unity & Oneness. Two-faced (2 mukhi) Rudraksha blesses the wearer with the power of understanding others, which further enables the possessor to get co-operation from all sides. It could be related to Teacher – Student, Parent- Child, Husband –Wife, or Friends, Businessmen- clients, suppliers, etc. Benefits Best for individuals facing problems in various relationships like with friends, colleagues, seniors & juniors, parents. People who do not get equal response from other people around. People insecured in any kind of relation. People facing unpleasant atmosphere at work or at home. Also recommended for people who face problems due to a weak or negative moon astrologically.

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