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Amethyst Natural Ball Sphere

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  • Amethyst Natural Ball/Sphere Reiki Crystal Products
  • Weight : 350 Grams
  • Size : 30mm

While crystal spheres are less intense than working with crystal points, they’re energy is more immersive. It surrounds you and your space with the properties of your crystal. By working with an amethyst sphere, you can cast a soothing atmosphere that your spirit will love settling into.

This is also the perfect stone for those looking to enhance their intuition. Amethyst is known for connecting with the third eye chakra. It boosts the mind’s reasoning abilities by helping you to see situations from new perspectives. Rise above your initial emotions to inspect the bigger picture for benefits. This property is how amethyst got the reputation as being a beneficial stone on the business front. If there’s risks that you’ve been too fear-focused to pursue, you can help yourself to overcome those doubts by recognizing the greater rewards.

If you are someone who needs help dealing with the emotional effects of addiction, amethyst is a crucial crystal for you. It guides you to observe your negative cycles and find healthier alternatives to rationalizations that have previously lead you astray. By allowing the soothing vibrations of an amethyst sphere to release you of your anxiety and guilt, and you can free your mind up for constructive thoughts and envisioning the path forward.

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