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Black Color Dream Catcher Wall Hanging

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  • Height : 55 cm
  • Width : 15 cm
  • Weight : 75 Gram (Approx)
  • The Dream Catchers Are Hand-Woven handicraft item.

  • Dream Catcher is hanged in rooms over bed or a Cradle, Window, Door To Attract Positive Dreams.

  • Dream Catcher is hanged for positive energy and protection.

  • Note: Dream Catchers are woven by hand so all pcs have different color combinations. The same color of Dream Catchers is not available.

  • proudly introduces its unique collection of hand-woven dream catchers.

  • Crafted originally by native Americans, dream catchers were used in ancient times to give infants peaceful and beautiful dreams.

  • The good dreams make their way through the beautiful twigs and feathers to reach the dreamer while the bad dreams being confused are unable to find their way through the web of threads in the middle.

  • We offer a variety of sizes and designs for you to choose from. So keep shopping and keep dreaming.
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