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  1. How To Wear a Rudraksha For The First Time

    How To Wear a Rudraksha For The First Time

    Below are the Check-list may be review before starting the wearing process:

    1. Check that the beads are not used earlier by anyone and are without any damage.
    2. Ensure that the mala or combination has the correct number of beads.
    3. Ensure that the mala is made with beads having the correct directions (face to face and tail to tail).
    4. Remember that it has to be taken off the body while going to a funeral (additionally for females during menstrual period). Do not feel guilty if this is not followed unintentionally. In that case, just re-purify the beads by washing in pure water and chanting Om Namah Shivaya 11 or 108 times.
    5. Ensure that you have paid fully for the beads or mala to the seller. It is observed that unless the commercial deals are completed in full, (except in cases where it is received as a gift), rudraksha does not offer its full effects and gives negative feelings. This leads to suspicions about its worth. Stolen rudraksha should not be used at all.
    6. Rudraksha is not confined to any specific religion. It is for the entire mankind. The rituals are incidental and are to be followed willingly and with respect.
    7. Rudraksha does not cause any side effects hence undue suspicion about its effects may be misplaced. Do not over-expect changes or magical effects to happen. Its wearing is also not a short term activity. It has to be worn for the entire life span.
    8. Always use new Rudraksha and never use rudraksha worn by someone else. If you have received these as legacy or legitimately from near and dear ones, then first perform the purification ritual or abhishek and then wear them. Old rudraksha should be specially checked for any damage or holes or cracks and if found these should not be used.

    Follow this simple ritual prior to wearing a rudraksha :


    1. Choose an auspicious day or any Monday for blessings

    2. Wash or sprinkle rudraksha mala with Ganges water or pure water

    3. Apply sandalwood paste.

    4. Offer incense/dhoop.

    5. Offer any white flower.

    6. Touch the rudraksha on a Shivaling or Lord Shiva’s photo and chant Om Namah Shivaya for a minimum of 11 times.

    7. Thereafter, the rudraksha can be worn or put at pooja place.

    Pooja or blessings of rudraksha (Not Rudrabhishek) This been emphasized in all the epics which have highlighted the merits of rudraksha that at the time of wearing rudraksha and even while regularly wearing it, it should be worshipped as per prescribed procedures and particularly by chanting the recommended mantras. Rudraksha should be worn without any expectations and with total devotion and happiness. In doing so, one tends to obtain knowledge of Shiva. It says that the power of rudraksha is such that even if worn without reciting the mantras, it will be beneficial. However, for brahmins (including those who have converted themselves to brahminism by taking second birth, or twice-born called Dwij, by sticking to strict disciplined lifestyle) it is necessary to use mantras. Shiva Puran, while giving the beej mantras, says that blessed are those who wear rudraksha chanting these mantras. Even listening to these mantras gives good results. Rudraksha needs to be blessed, purified and energized before they are worn.

  2. Vastu Tips for Office

    Vastu Tips for Office

    According to Vastu , if there is a Vastu defects in the Office, then it may have an impact on the minds of the Employees and even their Health. An Office with Vastu defects also suffers huge Economic Loss. It is believed that Vastu defects may be corrected by following some simple measures & placement of Vastu Products . Here are some of the tips to increase positivity and profits at your work place.