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Cat's Eye Pendant In Panchdhatu

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  • Gemstone - Cat's Eye
  • Color  - Grey
  • Metal - Panchdhatu
  • Total Carat : 2.85
  • Rate / Carat : 920.00
  • L X B X H : 5.80 X 4.25 X 2.40

The powers vested in a Cat’s Eye gemstone come from the spiritual planet Ketu which rules this precious gemstone. With the golden hue of this attractive gemstone, it is related to bringing wealth to its wearer.

Further, the magical powers of this alluring gemstone are known to protect its wearer from the effect of evil spirits and envy of other people. Widely worn for flaunting its sensuous beauty, a Cat’s Eye is taken as a good luck charm in different cultures.

A Cat’s Eye stone brings self-control and discipline to its wearer. Ketu is known as a shadow planet of astrological planets and is considered as descending node of the moon & due to its similar influences it is called a “second Mars”.Wearing a Cat’s Eye brings liberal thinking to its wearer and detaches him from materialistic things providing a way towards Moksha/ Nirvana.

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