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Zinc Helix - Vastu Product For North East Dosh - 6 Inch

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Rs. 925.00
Rs. 925.00 - Rs. 2,775.00
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Material – Zinc
Quantity – 1 piece
Weight – 188 grams
(L x W x H) - 12.5 cm X 15 cm X 0.4 cm approx

North East is regarded as highly surcharged direction with divine energy.

Ancient texts attribute special importance to the Ishanya corner in the selection of the plot & construction of the house.

North East direction is a zone of tranquility specially marked for the meditation, prayer or study area. In the language of the common man, it is a good corner. This is the most auspicious direction according to Vastu Shastra & hence maintaining the purity of this direction is most important. The energy of spirituality or spiritual growth is connected to the north-east area.

North East is also an area of knowledge & education. Any defect in this corner will badly impact on studies of the children. These pyramids are specially designed to activate & balance the water element of the north-east corner.

According to Vastu texts, head of Vastu Purush lies in the North East direction of any premises, hence Vastu rule does not permit any heavy structure in this corner.

More windows, door and open space in the North East corner help to generate positive vibrations in any location.

The early morning sun rays are well captured by the water stored in the north-east corner. Since ancient time, water reservoirs and water tanks were carefully placed in the North East zone of the plot. This enhanced the positive benefits of good Vastu layout.

Borewell, underground water tank and municipal water connection enhance the strength of water element in the North East corner.

Any overhead tank in this corner will increase the load at North East & will create a Vastu defect. Defect at north-east corner is a maha Vastu dosha (serious Vastu defect) & falls in a "Major Vastu Defect" category.

Residential Vastu defect for north-east

Zinc Helix is one of the best remedies for north-east corner defects like:-

  1. Missing North East corner (corner cut)
  2. Toilet at North East corner leads to stress, sickness & reverse the growth
  3. The kitchen at North East corner leads to frequent sickness
  4. Pillar or Staircase at North East corner creates obstructions in business & career
  5. Master Bedroom at North-east causes disharmony & illness
  6. Electricity in the North East causes stress & tension
  7. Hill or tower in the North East creates obstacles in career path

Commercial Vastu defects:-

  1. Transformer or electric panel at North East creates a stressful environment
  2. Machinery load at north-east results into the frequent breakdown
  3. Heavy constructions at north-east restrict business growth
  4. Toilet block at north-east results into business sickness
  5. Higher flooring level at north-east restricts business growth
  6. Septic tank at north-east creates a serious quality issue
  7. Hill in the north-east zone creates obstacles in business
  8. The huge tree in the North East may reduce business turnover.
  9. The canteen at North East may cause sickness.
  10. Wastage room at North East


Place zinc Helix at the north-east corner or it’s nearest.

Install 3 or 9 or in multiple based on the area of the location or as per the Vastu expert advice.

Highly recommended Vastu remedies for Vastu dosha