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Puja of Rudraksha Beads Understanding the Energization Process

Puja of Rudraksha Beads: Understanding the Energization Process


Rudraksha beads are known for their spiritual significance and healing properties. These beads are believed to have originated from the eyes of Lord Shiva and are considered to be a symbol of his compassion and benevolence. In order to unlock the true potential of these beads, it is essential to perform the puja and energization process.

Puja of Rudraksha Beads

The puja of rudraksha beads is a sacred process that involves the chanting of mantras and offering of prayers to the divine. It is believed that the puja helps in purifying the beads and making them spiritually potent. The process of puja involves the following steps:

  1. Clean the rudraksha beads with water and wipe them dry with a clean cloth.
  2. Light a diya and incense sticks to create a pure and positive environment.
  3. Chant the mantra ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ or any other mantra that resonates with you while holding the beads in your hands.
  4. Offer flowers, fruits, and other items as a symbol of respect and gratitude towards the divine.
  5. Finally, place the beads in a clean and sacred place.

It is important to note that the puja should be performed with utmost devotion and sincerity in order to derive the maximum benefits from the rudraksha beads.

Energization Process

The energization process is an important step that helps in activating the spiritual energy of the rudraksha beads. This process involves the following steps:

  1. Take a copper plate and place the beads on it.
  2. Add some gangajal or holy water to the plate.
  3. Place a sri yantra or any other sacred symbol on the plate.
  4. Chant the mantra ‘Om Hreem Namah’ or that specific rudraksha mantra, while holding the plate with both hands.
  5. Visualize the divine energy entering the beads and filling them with positivity and healing energy.
  6. Finally, place the plate in a clean and sacred place.

The energization process is believed to enhance the healing properties of the rudraksha beads and make them more effective in promoting spiritual growth and well-being.


The puja and energization process of rudraksha beads is an important step that helps in unlocking the true potential of these sacred beads. By performing these processes with devotion and sincerity, one can experience the spiritual and healing benefits of rudraksha beads.

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