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1 Mukhi Savar to 16 Mukhi Nepali Rudraksha - Sarva Siddha Mala Lab Certified

Original price Rs. 218,000.00 - Original price Rs. 420,000.00
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Rs. 218,000.00
Rs. 218,000.00 - Rs. 420,000.00
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The Sarva Siddha Mala is an extremely powerful mala which consists of 1 Mukhi Savar - 16 Mukhi Rudraksha. This form of Siddha mala should be worn by individuals who have experience with wearing the basic siddha mala (1-14 Mukhi) and want to increase the intensity and vibration of their mala and add the benefits of 15 and 16 Mukhi. Beginners can also start with Sarva Siddha Mala if they have the ability to adapt to the power of Rudraksha and/or have previous experience wearing Rudraksha of Nepali Origin. We strongly recommends a medium sized Sarva Siddha mala or a collector Sized for optimal effectiveness.