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3 Mukhi Java Rudraksha in Pure Silver Bracelet

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Rs. 5,082.91
Rs. 5,082.91 - Rs. 5,082.91
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Type of Beads: 3 Mukhi Java Rudraksha Silver Bracelet in Silver
Configuration: 3 Mukhi 
Size of each bead:  6 mm approx.
Length: 8.5 Inches approx
Origin:  Java
Quality: 100% Authentic - Excellent

Three-faced (3 mukhi) Rudraksha would have 3 natural grooves running from top to the bottom of the Rudraksha & represents Agni Devta (Fire God). As Fire destroys impurities without being affected & always remains pure, so does the three-faced (3 mukhi) Rudraksha. It helps to destroy the malefic effects like Negativity, Impure thoughts, and Restores positivist to the wearer. Three-faced (3 mukhi) Rudraksha also curbs Anger and is said to be effective in boosting Self-confidence of the wearer. Benefits: Recommended for people who wish to overcome any sought of negativity, impure thoughts, anxiety & stress. Excellent for people suffering from low physical endurance,lack of courage & vitality, excess anger, depression, fear, inferiority complex, guilt, low confidence & bad luck. Also recommended for people who face problems due to a weak or negative Mars astrologically. It is excellent Rudraksha to reduce the malefic effects of “Mangal Dosh (mangliks)” or “kuja dosh” when worn in combination with 8 mukhi Rudraksha.