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Belpatra in Sterling Silver for Offering to Lord Shiva

Original price Rs. 409.91 - Original price Rs. 3,607.23
Original price
Rs. 409.91
Rs. 409.91 - Rs. 3,607.23
Current price Rs. 409.91
  • Dimensions: 24 mm (width) x 22 mm (length)
  • Weight: 0.6 gms approx,

Belpatra leaves made of pure silver with embossed Om Namaha Shivaya Mahamantra on it, are used as an offering to Lord Shiva. They are durable.

The offering of a bilvapatra to the three eyed god Shiva, who holds a Trishula (the weapon with three sharp edges) will wash away the sins committed in the past 3 lives. The three segments of Bel Patra represent the three Gunas - Tamas (representing the physical body), Rajas (representing emotions), and Satwik (representing the intellect). If one uses these three i.e. physical, mental and intellectual in a balanced manner, the self or the soul attains liberation i.e. Moksha.