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Geopathic Stress Neutralizer Brass Rod For Vastu, Space Healing

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Rs. 1,927.41
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Geopathic Stress Brass Rod
Size- 6″ x 1″ x 1″

Remove geopathic stress from your location quickly & effectively

Geopathic Stress rod is packed with highly result-oriented metal and mineral combinations. It resonates with a 7.83 Hz Frequency to effectively Neutralize the harmful Geopathic Stress lines permanently.

Research, Causes of Geopathic stress
In 1952, German physicist W.O. Schumann identified 7.83Hz as a frequency of the earth’s magnetic field. 7.83Hz frequency falls within the range of natural human alpha brainwaves which is an optimum state for well-being and healing. This is a natural frequency of the earth’s magnetic field. This can be disrupted or distorted by underground water streams, geological fault lines, underground caverns, and certain mineral deposits. Apart from the natural earth’s disruptions, man-made structures such as railways, motorway cuttings, dams, tunnels, and power stations can cause geopathic stress. Certain types of building foundations and structures can also cause geopathic stress.

About geopathic stress rod
Geopathic stress means problems arising through the earth, Geopathic Stress is natural radiation that rises up through the earth and is distorted by weak electromagnetic fields created by subterranean running water, certain mineral concentrations, fault lines, and underground cavities. The wavelengths of the natural radiation disturbed in this way become harmful to living organisms. Electro pathological energy created by modern technology can also contribute to geopathic stress in the form of high and low-frequency energy from telecommunication towers, electricity pylons, transformers, radar, and also radio towers.

Mystic uses of Geopathic stress brass rod
Simply place this rod on the spot affected by geo stress. It will neutralize as well as clear the geo stress from the spot.
Place in the corner of all 4 walls touching the wall.
In case of overhead wire or high tension wire passing from your house, place geo stress on the ceiling or at the roof.