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Skull Necklace mala Skull Rosary Bone Mala for Goddess Kali in 54 beads in Black Thread, 10mm

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These carved skull beads are reminiscent of the necklace of skulls that the Goddess Kali wears. The skull mala as worn by the Hindu Goddess Kali symbolises liberation, knowledge & wisdom. Kali carries a fierce love that destroys demons and the part of our ego that deceives and creates troubling thoughts, freeing us of our lurking fears by giving us the strength to face the inner darkness to bring those fears to the light of consciousness.
Munda mala also called kapalamala or rundamala, is a garland of severed human heads and/or skulls, In Hinduism, the munda mala is a characteristic of fearsome aspects of the Hindu Divine Mother and the god Shiva; while in Buddhism, it is worn by wrathful deities of Tibetan Buddhism.
Narmund Mala/Rosary makes Saturn, Venus, Dragon tail strong.
Goddess Kali blesses the holder.
Narmund Mala gives divine power.

Skull Beads Mala With Brown Eyes, Handknotted in Ink Blue Thread with Ink Blue Long Tassel. 54+ 1 Skull Beads. Necklace Size: 31 Inches. Tassel Length : 3 Inches. Bead Size: 10 mm