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Tiger Eye Gemstones Ganesh God Statue

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Rs. 2,541.46
Rs. 2,541.46 - Rs. 2,541.46
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  • Dimensions: 2 inches (H) x 1.5 inches (L) x 1.5 inches
  • Weight: 80 grams approx

Lord Ganesha's idol was carved out of a single piece of Tigers eye.

The Tiger eye balances the solar plexus chakra. Tiger's Eye is a stone of protection and was traditionally carried as a talisman against ill wishes and curses. It is both a grounding and uplifting gem and encourages feelings of self-worth and confidence in our own abilities. It can promote a positive attitude, assist us in accomplishing our goals and help us to recognize our own talents and abilities.

Ganesha is given dominion over the Ganas, which is a general term denoting all classes of beings, ranging from insects, animals, and humans to the subtle and celestial beings. These various beings all contribute to the government of the Creation; everything from natural forces like storms and earthquakes to the elemental qualities like fire and water, to the functioning of the body's organs and processes. If we don't honor the Ganas, then our every action is a form of thievery, as it is unsanctioned. Therefore, instead of propitiating each Gana in order to receive their blessings, we bow to their Lord, Sri Ganesha. By receiving His grace, we receive the grace of all. He removes any potential obstacles and enables our endeavors to succeed