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Feng Shui Bagua (Pa Kua) Mirror at Door

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  • Material: glass and wood
  • Dimensions in cm ( L X B X H) - 13 x 1.4 x 13 cm | Material - Wooden & Glass Mirror

Feng shui Convex Bagua (pa kua) mirror is a mirror which is surrounded by eight trigrams octagonal shaped wooden frame and a hanging hook provided on the back of the frame. It is said that this Chinese amulet removes all negative bad energy coming from your bad neighbors, bad evil eye, bad luck(curse). As per feng shui, Bagua mirror vastu placement - It should be placed outdoors means above the front door or above a big window that is facing outside not place indoors. Convex mirrors are mirrors that have curved outward. These mirrors deflect fast moving chi or the influences or malefic effects outside the house, shop, office or business. The Bagua mirror is properly made a wall hanging instrument which also deflects unwanted influences indoors and gives bad eye protection for the home.

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