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Feng Shui Fish With Coins for Career Luck

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  • Dimensions: 15.5 cm (L) x 4 cm (B) x 5.5 cm (H).
  • Weight: 280 APPROX

• Feng Shui Carp Fishes are believed to stimulate the ability to overcome insurmountable challenges and reach immense heights of power and wealth. 

• They are said to bring many kinds of luck: educational luck, career luck, prosperity luck and luck in literary pursuits. 

• If you are looking to improve your career and need extra courage, the carp is the symbol to help boost your spirits.
• Carp are also a symbol of harmony and marital bliss when portrayed in a pair. Carp are great for students and those looking to improve their scholastic luck. 

• They are symbols of ambition, perseverance and bounty. 

• Particularly because the Chinese word for fish, Yu sounds very much like surplus and abundance.

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