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Italian Red Coral-Lal Moonga Gemstone

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  • Indian name - Moonga
  • Planet - Mars
  • Color - Red
  • Weight - 3.99 CARAT/ 4.50 RATTI
  • Shape/Cut  - ROUND

Red Coral Gemstones is very beneficial for the planet Mars. It represents Mars, which is also known as Mangal Graha. In Hindu Mythology, Mars is known as God of war energy and commander in chief. It evokes passion, fiction and victory. It was used for the children in previous decades to nullify ill effect of evil spirits. It brings good luck, name and fame. Red Coral helps to control emotional aspects of a person. It stimulates the tissue regeneration and blood vessels of a body. It increases self confidence, positive attitude, and courage in a person. It also solves any obstacle coming in the troublesome life. By wearing Red Coral, one can get profit in real estate buying and selling.

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