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Musical Small Damru

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  • Length      -  46 cm
  • Diameter   -  5 cm
  • Weight      -  2.6 kg
About the product: Damroo, The Drum Of Shiva, This Is Believed To Be The First Instrument Given To Humanity By The Lord Himself; Many Sadhus Carry It, As Do Madaris, Men Who Exhibit Bears And Monkeys, And Pavement Vendors. The Steady Rhythm Of The Damroo Provides An Ideal Accompaniment To Ballads. This A Two Sided Drum With An Hor Glass Sticks, Fingers Or Beads At The Ends Of Strings Wound Around Its Middle. Cords Control The Tautness Of The Skin And The Drum Can Be "Tuned". The Player Holds The Drum In One Hand And Gives It A Sharp Twist, Shells And Bells May Be Suspended From The Damroo'S Central Cord And The Heads And Body Of The Drum May Be Painted With Motifs.
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