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Natural White Sapphire Gemstone - 4.55 carat

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  • Total Carat : 4.55
  • Rate / Carat : 26540.00
  • L X B X H : 10.28 X 7.58 X 5.32
  • Color : White

White Sapphire induces purity and fearlessness. It enhances artistic abilities and purifies our passions. It is said to make one more attractive. White Sapphire is often referred as the colorless Sapphire and is used as a Diamond alternative. It is called Safed Pukhraj in Hindi. It is ruled by planet Venus, which represents luxury, beauty and style.

The gemstones representing the positive powers of the planet Venus according to vedic astrology is White Sapphire. Venus is the planet representing the power of love, compassion and divine knowledge. Venus is considered as a Guru/ preceptor and all things associated with Venus can be categorized by one single word, “Abundance”.  All things which are beautiful and luxurious are ruled by Venus. Venus controls fine arts, careers which require a lot of creative talents like acting, music, and entertainment. 

Venus is called Shukra in Hindi meaning "white" or "bright". Venus is mainly associated with family life, taste and business/livelihood. The benevolent influence of Venus favours accumulation of wealth, jewellery, landed properties, happy home life, success in business and occupations, controlling obesity and fatness. According to Indian Vedic astrology Venus is karaka planet of wife, youth, beauty, vehicles, sexual pleasure, wealth, flowers, scents and perfumes.

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