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Netted Mata Ki Chunri

In stock
  • Color  -  Yellow
  • Pattern  -  Embroidered

Pitambari Chunari / Chunri for God and Goddess is made of yellow colored soft silk cloth and studded sparking stone with golden fancy border. These Chunri can offer to Lord Vishnu, Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Sai Baba, other deity and Can used in  navratri festival. Chunri / Chunari is offered to Goddess, and it can be done to decorate the God and Goddess Idols, to decorate by it. Chunri is also laid down before installing a deity idol. The Chunri is laid on a pedestal and then the deity idol is installed on top of it. Covering the top part of the God and Goddess statue and photo is also a widely practiced tradition.

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