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Octagonal Copper Vastu Pyramid

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  • Asthakon Octagonal Copper Vastu Pyramid - Vaastu Remedies for Home, Office Brahmasthan
  • Size-2.5 Inches Top ( L X W X H ) - 7cm X 7cm X 6.5cm approx, Plate ( L X W X H ) - 6.5cm X 6.5cm X 1cm approx.
  • Weight - 162 grams approx

Octagon (Asthakon) shape is an auspicious shape when it is used for energizing or rectifying any space. Octagon is a shape of good fortune and eternity. 

Octagonal Copper Pyramid complete set contains:- 

1. Octagonal Pyramid Dome

Top ( L X W X H ) - 7cm X 7cm X 6.5cm approx.

2. Octagonal Pyramid chip

Plate ( L X W X H ) - 6.5cm X 6.5cm X 1cm approx.

Material - Copper

Weight - 162gm apxm

Size-2.5 Inches

Octagonal Pyramids for Geopathic stress:-

The apex of octagonal pyramid absorbs geopathic forces from all eight directions, stores in its central part and neutralizes its effects through the lower spherical shape. 

Octagonal Pyramids for Missing corner:-

If you have a missing corner in your home or office, just keep set of 3 octagonal copper pyramid near the missing corner wall

Octagonal Pyramids for Brahmasthan (Centre ):-

Any defect in center of your location creates major Vastu defect. Toilet, kitchen, pillar, staircase, septic tank or well in the center of your premises falls in major Vastu defect category. 

Placing an octagonal pyramid near the center of your location helps in balancing cosmic forces from all eight directions.

Additional uses of Octagonal pyramid:-

- If you are making a new house, place Asthakon pyramid set at all eight directions & 1 at the center of the house. 

- In case of Vastu defect place it in the North-East corner of your house or in the alter(prayer) room. 

- A student can place Asthakon copper pyramid on their study table to get a good academic result. 

- At the workplace keep it on the working table & you will find yourself more confident and energetic. 

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