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Pooja Abhishekam Havan Spoon in Brass

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Dimensions: 0.6 inches (H) x 1 inches (W) x 5 inches (L) approx
Weight: 40 grams approx


Pali is used as a vital part of the poojas.There is a conception of Charanamrita rituals. Panchpatra & Pali are the Pooja items that contain this Charanamrita.These containers are placed before the gods or the goddesses just before all the other rituals for the poojas begin to take place.They are gifts to the deity and that is why Panchpatra & Pali are hugely important for the successful Poojas.They are regarded as holy things and everyone is not allowed to touch these items except for the Purahit or the worshiper himself.Actually the word Charanamrita means the holy nectar and there are lots of folk tales related to this item.After the pooja is completed, Charnamrit is given to the people as gifts from gods and goddesses.The devotees drink it.

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