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Pure Brass Swastik with Pyramid for Vastu Dosh

In stock

Size - 4 inch approx

Material - Brass

A Swastik Symbol is considered very auspicious as per Hindu Mythology. A lot of Positive Energy is generated around any swastik and hence it is used in every Puja as well as this symbol is placed at any place where we want positive energy to work in our favour.This Brass Swastik have yet another great feature which are the Pyramids over it. The positive effects of Pyramids are already well known and a lot of research has been done to prove the same. They are widely used to remove the negativity of any place and generate positive enrgy thereby creating a good environment .This Swastik can be hanged on the main door of your house, office, factory or work place in the center of the door or alternately one Swastik can be hanged on either side of the main door. The Swastik can also be placed in your puja temple, cash box or even on your work table to create positive energy over there.
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