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Red Coral Beads Bracelet in Silver

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Design: Made of Red Coral beads with adjustable links and clasp.
No. of beads: 18
Bead size: 3 - 5 mm
Length: 8 inches
Weight: 5 grams


Red Coral bracelet made of 18 Red coral gemstone beads in pure silver. Wearing a Coral bracelet you can feel energise yourself.

Red Coral beads used in most world traditions including Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and yoga, also red Coral represent Lord Surya.

Benefits of Red Coral (Lal moonga) mala:

  • Support marital life
  • Defeat mental depression
  • Protect women from widowhood
  • Stop nightmares
  • Aid meditation and happiness
  • Avoid violence, war, and accidents
  • Boosting energy and confidence
  • Eliminating fear and bad dreams
  • Dominating enemies and competitors
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