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Rudraksha Combination For Early Marriage 2,5,7 Mukhi Java Rudraksha

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  • Rudraksha Combination For Early Marriage
  • Origin - 2,5,7 Mukhi Java Rudraksha
  • Size -  15 to 16 mm per Beads
  • Lab Certified
  • Pure Silver Used

2 Mukhi- Two mukhi Rudraksha is ruled by planet Moon. It is considered to be one of the best planets as it promises wealth and happiness. It is ruled by Lord Shiva Himself. It heals the Soul and connect the wearer to his soul destiny. Bestows self confidence, emotional stability, inner bliss and enhances relationships.

2 Mukhi - This Rudraksha is the symbol of Chandra and Surya (Swar ie; left and right Naadi). The person who wears this Rudraksha after proper Sidhhi ( method of purification & charging with Mantra) will always accompanied by two Deva

5 Mukhi- Lord SadaShiva is the governer of this faced Rudraksha Beads. It gives all materialistic thngs to the wearer and hence also called the bead for increasing Good luck. Wearing this rudrakshas removes the nature of human like Kama (Lust), Lopa (Greed), Mooha (Attachment), Krodha (Jealousy), and Ahankar (Unwanted Ego) thus bring sound health

7 Mukhi- Seven mukhi rudraksha bead is ruled by Saturn(Shanidev) & this bead represents Goddess Mahalaxmi. Seven mukhi rudraksha is symbol of saptamartika. It also worshiped as saptarishi. Seven face is benefial for business and service career. Good health and wealth is blessed to them who wears seven mukhi rudraksha. Good health and wealth is blessed to wearer who wears Seven Faced Rudraksha.

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