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Rudraksha Siddha Mala in Pure Silver

In stock
  • Bead Origin : Java / Indonesia
  • Bead Size : 12 to 15 mm ( Approx. )
  • Note : Lab Certificate which Proofs authenticity of Product , Will be shipped with Product.

Rudraksha Siddha Mala is a very powerful healing combination. Worn for Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha. The synergistic combination of all mukhis worn on the body provides the wearer with abundance in wealth, renewed energy, good health, spirituality and fulfillment of desires.

Wearing of Rudraksha Siddha Mala combination takes the wearer beyond his birth chart limitations and pacifies all the malefic associated with the planets.

Siddha Mala made of a selection of collector grade Rudrakshas for various Mukhis brought together in a single mala.

For the successful achievers and ambitious people who want to reach the top level, wearing of all 1 to 14 Mukhi Rudraksha is considered auspicious by the great epics.

Rudraksha Siddha Mala has Rudraksha beads representing all planets and representing all Devi and Devatas. This is the most powerful healing mala.

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