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Shree Bagalamukhi Yantra Pendent in Brass

In stock
  • Brass Shree Bagalamukhi Yantra Pendent | Locket
  • Type     :   Pendant
  • Finish   :  Glossy
  • Width   :  20 mm
  • Height  :  30 mm

Baglamukhi is also known as pitambara maa in some parts of north india. This pendant ensures that the wearer is victorious, powerful and always able to dominate over enemies. Goddess baglamukhi, the presiding deity, ensures that the wearer achieves success, especially in court cases, conflicts and feuds. She also keeps evil forces, spirits and negative influences away from the wearer. Those whose reputation is being threatened by ill wishers, those who are troubled by nosy neighbours, lawsuits and hateful gossip can benefit by wearing this pendant. Infused with the power of shlokas and the blessings of goddess baglamukhi, this pendant will protect and bring good to the wearer, as long as the wearer means no harms to others, key words: litigation, court cases, false complaints, disputes, rumours, gossips

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