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Shree Ganesh Pocket Yantra Gold Plated

In stock
  • Shree Ganesh Pocket Yantra (ATM card)
  • Size : 5cm
  • Material - Plastic
  • Pocket Yantra
Ganesh Kary Shidhi yantra is very auspicious and is a combined Yantra for worship of Goddess Lord Ganesha. Goddess Lord Ganesha, the God of success in any venture. Hence Shri Ganesh yantra, as the name denotes, is a Yantra for good luck, fame, wealth and increase in income & profits. It is highly recommended that every home shall install Shri Ganesh yantra for the blessings of Lord Ganesha. Double Side Goddess Ganesh card with Coin are beneficial for wealth and Prosperity. It is very easy to keep in Pocket. Lord Ganesh is supreme amongst Gods. This yantra gives a sharp brain and success in all endeavors. Method of Use: Worship this yantra by ashtgandh and red sandal. Offer laddus, red flowers and doorva (grass) before the yantra. This yantra cards included golden yantra coins and very miraculous to keep at different places including purse , home, study room, car and office to gain wealth and remove negetive energies.
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