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Siddha Shree Sarswati Kavach Alloy Pendant

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Siddha Shree Sarswati Kavach Alloy Pendant | Locket

Type     :   Pendant
Finish   :  Glossy
Width   :  20 mm
Height  :  300 mm

Goddess saraswati is regarded as goddess of wisdom and also goddess of speech. Suitable for students who suffered from breakups in education and also suffering from maletic effects of jupiter. saraswati is goddess of knowledge, music, and the fine arts.saraswati Kavach is used for knowledge, education & creativity for students, businessmans, entrepreneurs, artist and people involved in creative activities. Concentration and memory power will increase. Only good thoughts will spring up their minds. For acquiring spiritual wisdom also the grace of goddess saraswati very essential.

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