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Siddha Shri Durga Kavach Yantra Locket

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Siddha Shri Durga Kavach Yantra Pendant | Locket

Type     :   Pendant
Finish   :  Glossy
Width   :  20 mm
Height  :  30 mm

Sidh Shri Durga Kavach / Yantra Pendant
This Kavach is made of unique Combination of Natural Rudraksha and Yantra made on Pendant
It is believed Shri Nav Durga Raksha Kwacha /Kavach or also known as Durga Kavach /Kawatch protects one from black magic, charms, negativity.
The wearer gets name and fame and material comforts. Shiva ji is said to be living God of Kalyug.
It is said that Sri Nav Durga is among the few dieties who can be worshipped & Satisfied easily. In daily life worship Durga Chalisa & Durga Ji ki Aarti is recited.
Description is based on Hindu Mythology , seller is not responsible for any claim or consequences
Navdurga Yantra is a Most powerful Yantra as it is Yantra of Lorddess Durga and its nine Roops which controls universe in Kalyuga according to Hindu mythology.
You should Place this Yantra at your Worship Place or Cash Box.
You should wash it Properly by Holy water and then with Plain water before Placing it. It is very good to worship this Kavach / Yantra in Navratra as these are days Devoted ot Durga Goddess of Power.
You can also hang it at your Work Place.
All Above mentioned Descriptions are according to Chinese or Indian Mythology seller is not Responsible for any Consequence.

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