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Sidh Shri Bhairav Kavach Yantra Pandent

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Sidh Shri Bhairav Kavach Yantra Pandent | Locket

Type     :   Pendant
Finish   :  Glossy
Width   :  20 mm
Height  :  30 mm

This kavach is to be wear particularly to achieve Lord Bhairav.After wearing this kavach, person remains free from any obstacle. With this kavach person gets success in every work. Shri Bhairav Kawach – For Protection and prosperity. It is for the worshippers of Lord Bhairav.
This Kawach is for the worship of Lord Bhairav, and eliminates the effects of black magic & other negative influences/powers. It is an ideal Yantra for Hypnosis, self-protection and removal of poverty. It contains Bhairav Yantra and worship of this Yantra is particularly useful & essential during the present ‘Kalyuga’.
This Kawacha also eliminates the harmful effects of ‘Rahu’ and bestows the user with good luck. The Sadhaka is bestowed with all Comforts and his desires are fulfilled.Sri Bhairav Kawach is said to bring good fortune and the fulfillment of any desires. Sri Bhairav Kawach is used for improving impoverished conditions of life.Made by Special combination of Natural Rudraksha and Yantra on Pendant.

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