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Terms and Conditions

"We have no return policy; Goods once sold will not be taken back".

so we request you to kindly be sure before you make any purchases. This is because at times we have goods which are on consignment from our suppliers, once you make the purchase we have to make payments to them immediately and we do not have a return policy from them, other reasons also include non refundable payment gateway taxes / commissions, shipping charges, insurance, yearend taxes, inadequate knowledge or influence of incorrect opinions on

The customers end leading to confusions. We do not wish to get into informal situations hence we request you to not to buy from us if you’re not satisfied prior to making purchases. We are transparent & free to as many doubts or questions you have prior to purchase.

We Rudrakshamart are very transparent prior to the sale of products itself, hence we request our clients to clear and understand whatever doubts or information they need prior to making purchases


We have been providing our clients with authenticity certificate of any known Gem testing laboratory for most of the gemstones purchased from us; so there would be no doubts in regards to authenticity of the same. We request you to kindly avoid taking opinions from local jewellers in regards to valuation as its been common practice of undervaluing others goods. You could rather test them by saying a higher value than what you have purchased at & they would settle somewhere at the actual value of what you have purchased at.

Custom duties and taxes if any are to be borne by the client. We have no control on charges charged by your respective country

Rudrakshamart have the right to accept or cancel or reject any order as per our convenience, we can reject any order without prior information to the client. Call for price items cannot be ordered, the orders won't be processed and shall be cancelled.