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Kamdhenu Cow with Calf in Silver

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  • Length:5 inch approx
  • Width:4.5 inch approx
  • Height:4 inch approx
  • Base Metal: Aluminium
  • Finish: Silver Antique

Kamdhenu Cow (Energised) for Wishes The Kamdhenu Cow (Energised) has many forms that are highly revered in Hinduism. In its first form, it is known as Surabhi, a divine goddess and a Cow of wishes. In its second form, it is known as Gayatri, a heavenly cow. In all its forms, it is considered a symbol for granting your wishes, positivity, calm and prosperity. In addition to the historical references, the science of Vastu Shastra finds it a favorable symbol for success, prosperity, wealth, peace and happiness amongst other positive influences. Benefits of the Kamadhenu Cow: The Kamdhenu Cow (Energised) is a well-regarded symbol of success, wealth and prosperity. In the teachings of Vastu Shastra, the energized Kamdhenu Cow (Energised) is also a carrier of spiritual and material success. Additionally, it is most favorable for achieving success in the workplace. Having it in an office is a widely regarded practice that results in positivity and success. The figurine has a calm cow with a little calf. In itself, it is calming to look at and radiates the same feelings through the room and office space. The figurine and the science of Vastu Shastra combined will ensure a comfortable, beautiful and positive work environment for your personal and professional aims and goals to succeed.

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