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Get FLAT 30% Off. No code required | Worldwide Shipping

4 Mukhi and 6 Mukhi Java Rudraksha Beads Combination Mala - Saraswati Mala

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$15.00 - $87.00
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Type of Beads:  Saraswati Rudraksha Combination Necklace
Configuration: 4 Mukhi (2 Beads) + 6 Mukhi (1 Bead) Rudraksha
Size of each beads: Approx 12mm
Length: 18 Inches Approx
Origin: Java Rudraksha 
Quality: 100% Authentic - Excellent

Two beads of four mukhi (Brahma) and one bead of Six Mukhi makes a Saraswati combination. Saraswati Necklace Rudraksha Combination is useful for children to get a concentration in studies, enhancement of memory and for good expression skills in writing or oral presentation. This three-bead combination has helped thousands of students to make a bright career. If a child is seven years or lower in age, then he/ she can be given only one bead of four mukhi. For those above this age, the full three-bead combination can be used.