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Get FLAT 30% Off. No code required | Worldwide Shipping

5 Mukhi Java Rudraksha Bracelet With Nazar Suraksha Kawach

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Type of Beads: 5 Mukhi Java Rudraksha Bracelet
Configuration: 5 Mukhi 
Size of each bead:  6mm approx.
Length: 8.5 Inches approx
Origin:  Java
Quality: 100% Authentic - Excellent

This is a premium quality Rudraksha bracelet with pure silver capping and hooks. This Rudraksha bracelet gives a sophisticated look to the Rudraksha. Silver is said to multiply the effects of Rudraksha and this is why it is the preferred option to wear Rudraksha in.. Rudraksha is considered an incarnation of Lord Shiva. The person who wears Rudraksha possess always in good health is respected by all and is capable of attracting everybody & anybody. It is also a kind of shield against negative energies. This is a whole science by itself. One Veda, the Atharvana Veda, is all about how to use energies to your advantage and to someone else’s detriment. If somebody who has mastery over this wants to use it, so many things – extreme suffering and even death can be caused. Rudraksha is a kind of shield against this.