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Get FLAT 30% Off. No code required | Worldwide Shipping

Brass Pyramid Strip Patti For Space Division

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Pyramid divider is used for correcting Vastu or feng shui defects for the north and north-west direction Place.

Vastu divider on toilet located at north direction Place Vastu divider on kitchen located at north direction The door at north-west can be corrected by installing divider on the door frame Missing corner at north or north-west can be corrected with a brass divider strip You can install 3 or in multiples of 3 for a better result. For a larger area, you can join the strip with copper wire and connect them with each other.

Name: Brass Pyramid Strip Patti
Purpose: Pyramid Strip Patti for Space Divider
Size: 8 Inches Approx
Weight: 106 gram Approx
Material: Pure Brass - Excellent Quality