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Lead Helix - Vastu Remedies For South West Vastu Dosh

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Rs. 495.00
Rs. 495.00 - Rs. 1,485.00
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Name: Lead Helix
Purpose: Place lead metal Helix at the southwest corner or its nearest.
Size:  ( L X W X H ) - 10 cm X 10 cm X 1.5 cm  Approx ( Single Piece Weight)
Weight: 4 Inch Approx
Material: Pure Lead - Excellent Quality

If any other defect related to South West  can be corrected with the help of this superb remedies of the Lead helix by the installation of 3 or in multiple at the affected location

This helix is specially designed to activate & balance the earth element of the southwest corner. Place this helix at the south-west corner.

Residential Vastu defect for South West

Lead Helix is one of the best remedies for South West corner defects like:-

  1. Missing South West corner (corner cut)
  2. Toilet at South West corner leads to serious illness, money troubles
  3. The kitchen at South West corner leads to sickness to a female member
  4. Children's room in south-west makes them more dominant
  5. Electricity in south-west causes fire accidents
  6. Lower flooring or slope towards the south-west causes business losses
  7. The door at south-west harms the owner of the house physically
  8. Borewell or Underground water tank at south-west causes short life
  9. Extension towards the south-west becomes a reason for unwanted expenses

Commercial or Industrial Vastu defects:-

  1. Transformer or electric panel at south-west causes accidents.
  2. Open space at south-west causes lower products or low productivity.
  3. The door at the south-west makes business unstable.
  4. Toilet block at south-west harms relationship with employees, workers & customers.
  5. Higher flooring level at north-east restricts business growth.
  6. Septic tank or underground water tank at south-west.
  7. Scrap area in south-west harms the reputation of the business.


Place lead metal Helix at the south-west corner or it’s nearest.Install 3 or 9 or in multiple based on the area of the location or as per the Vastu expert advice.