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Get FLAT 30% Off. No code required | Worldwide Shipping

Natural Pearl with 5 Mukhi Java Rudraksha for Cancer Signs in Silver Bracelet

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Type of Beads: Gemstone Rudraksha Bracelet for zodiac sign Cancer
Configuration: 5 Mukhi Rudraksha + Pearl Gemstone
Size of each beads:  Approx 6 mm apprx.
Length: 10 Inches approx
Origin: Java
Quality: 100% Authentic - Excellent

A beautiful Bracelet made from small 5 faced Indonesian Rudraksha and a Semi Precious Gem ( Zircon ) for planet Venus. This bracelet pacifies the malefic effects of Planet Venus and strengthens this planet in one's Horoscope. This bracelet can also be worn by persons having their zodiac sign as Taurus ( Vrishabh Rashi ) OR  their Ascendant as Taurus with wonderful results in improvement of their Health, Wealth and Happiness.