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Zinc Pyramid for North East Vastu Dosh Remedies Correction

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  • As per Vastu Shastra, this pyramid is used to create balance & harmony in life. It is believed to correct vastu faults. brings harmony, peace, and prosperity in your homes.

Zinc Pyramid-set of 3-North East vastu correction- Exclusive remedy of North East corner

Material – Zinc

Size-  1 Inch

Weight - 95grams approx (set of 3)

Top ( L X W X H ) - 3.5cm X 3.5cm X 2cm approx

Plate ( L X W X H ) - 3cm X 3cm X 0.5cm approx

-North East correction Pyramids Exclusive remedy of North East corner

These pyramids are specially designed to activate & balance the water element of the north-east corner.

Place three zinc pyramids at North East corner.

Defect at north-east corner is a maha Vastu dosha (serious Vastu defect)

Residential Vastu Correction this is one of the best remedy for north east corner defect like :-

1. Missing North East corner

2. Toilet at the North East corner

3. The kitchen at North East corner

4. Pillar or Staircase at the north-east corner

5. Master Bed-room at North-east

Commercial Vastu l Correction

1. Transformer or electric panel at North East

2. Machinery load at the north-east

3. Heavy constructions at the north-east

4. Any other defect at the north-east


Place this zinc pyramid at the north-east corner.

Install 3 or 9 or in multiple based on the area of the location or as per the vastu expert advice.

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